Insurers: There’s a sh#! ton of data…it shouldn’t be a problem

Industry events, like the recent Reinsurance Association of America’s (RAA) Cat Risk Management conference, are always a great way to take the pulse of the industry and connect with people. I’ve been attending RAA’s conference on behalf of SpatialKey for years, and I generally come away invigorated by my conversations with clients and prospects. This year, however, the energy among these conversations was a bit different. That energy had more urgency and emotion behind it. It’s clear the unprecedented events of 2017 have taken a toll on people, and there’s a compelling need to do something about it. Individuals and teams alike have worked tirelessly; and while the events have passed, the emotional fatigue is left in their wake.

The underwriter of the future is here, now

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about technology, innovation, and the “underwriter of the future.” Well, the underwriter of the future is here, right now in 2018. The technology to streamline and automate property underwriting exists now. And, the hazard data and advanced analytics to select and assess risk with a new level of confidence and precision exist as well. If you’re like me, however, you may sometimes put off trying something new (and better) in favor of the status quo. So, what gives?

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