Evaluate the Impact of Winter Storm Juno

Winter Storm Juno arrived in the Northeast U.S. on January 27th. With significant flooding and increasing concern of potential roof collapse, insurers want to be adequately prepared to respond to this historic, mid-season snowfall. Areas like Worcester, MA, which saw historical snow accumulations of 35 inches, will be top of mind for insurers as forecasters suggest that this is likely the first of many storms to hit the region in the coming weeks.

For many insurers, quickly estimating the impact of each storm and deploying assistance to insureds are key differentiators. SpatialKey immediately responded with client access to snow precipitation maps from NOAA, delivered within SpatialKey’s Flood Analyst app, to provide immediate insight! Now, exposure management and claims teams can estimate the impact of heavy snowfall, manage stakeholder expectations, and mobilize efforts to assist insureds.

Leverage real-time snow precipitation data from NOAA (image above)

Understand potential exposure to heavy snowfall (image above)

Insurers can easily assess and interrogate portfolio exposure and composition by location count, total insured value, exposed limit and any other metric of interest. Analysts can also effectively communicate between teams and senior management via shared dashboards, leading to prompt action and results.

Identify insureds most vulnerable to damage (image above)

With SpatialKey Flood Analyst, insurers can gain a comprehensive view of exposure before claims even start to come in!  When a natural disaster hits – blizzard, flood, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado – SpatialKey is the fastest way to understand how you could be impacted.

SpatialKey’s flood solution helps Catlin write better risks

Press Release (excerpt) – January 28, 2015

SpatialKey’s expertise in delivering intuitive, speed-of-thought risk analytics and visualizations has enabled Catlin to write better risks and identify new opportunities. The SpatialKey Flood Underwriting application is built specifically for underwriters and helps them to evaluate flood exposure, avoid adverse flood accumulations and gain insights surrounding the quality and correlation of prospective risks relative to their portfolio.

“Our use of SpatialKey has improved the way we analyse and make underwriting decisions. We write new business with greater confidence and understanding of our flood exposure, creating competitive advantage and lower claims costs,” says Colin Panzetta, Senior Class Underwriter at Catlin.

SpatialKey’s flood solution integrates expert commercial flood maps across the globe, currently covering Europe, Asia, U.S. and Australia. This solution delivers purpose-built applications, tailored to underwriting and exposure management workflows, that provide focused insights to help insurers manage flood accumulations, develop views of risk and accelerate underwriting decisions.

Full press release can be accessed here.

We’re Hiring a Junior Software Engineer

We’re hiring a Junior Software Engineer to join our server engineering team. Come join our small team at SpatialKey!

About SpatialKey

SpatialKey is a Software as a Service (SaaS) mapping and data visualization platform. We think it’s awesome, and so do our customers! We create applications that let enterprise customers take large amounts of data they might have about their businesses and turn it into information they can use. We’ve been involved in a number of industries, from law enforcement to marketing, but three years ago we turned our attention to focus on the insurance market. Despite what you may think, insurance is not boring! The problems we are tackling help insurance companies remain solvent and prepare to help their customers through increasingly severe and frequent disasters. Check out the progress we’ve made over the last three years in our 2012 and 2013 year in review blog posts. Also check out our recent releases to gain an understanding of the amazing progress we have made.

We are committed to building a sustainable business alongside very supportive clients, who are also pursuing competitive edge and innovation. We have been in business for over 5 years; and we already have strong brand recognition and equity, a profit-positive balance sheet, an exciting growth story, and a proven vision! We are growing deliberately by carefully hiring the best and most dedicated people in their industry to join our team.

About the team

We have a small team and we’re incredibly proud of that. We currently have 20 full time team members with 12 people on the tech team, 2 on the UX team, and 6 on the business, sales and account managements teams. We would love for you to be number 21. We are firm believers in the power of small, focused teams of only top talent. Staying small, lean, and agile has gotten us where we are, and we plan to keep things that way.

We’re all remote and work from home in 12 different states: CO, NY, CA, TX, NM, NE, HI, NV, NH, NJ, IL, MA and and 3 different countries: US, Brazil, and Ukraine . We talk everyday on Skype or Teamspeak, and we live on Hipchat during the workday. Working remotely has its own set of challenges, and we require someone who can be productive and work autonomously, but who knows the right time to reach out for help.

We’re generalists who handle all sorts of technical tasks with efficiency, precision, and correctness. We’ve been building software for years; we understand it. We know how it works. We know how to keep it running and how to make it scale. We’re the kind of people who are doing this because we love it and it fascinates us. We think about the problems we’re solving while lying in bed before going to sleep. We’re definitely looking for someone who shares that same passion.

About the job

There is a lot to learn and a lot of opportunity to grow with SpatialKey as the company grows. We are looking for someone with a solid base of programming knowledge, a love of open source software and a continuous drive to learn something new daily. Don’t worry if you are not familiar with some of our core areas we will mentor and assist but be ready for the challenge. Here are some of the potential areas where you would spend your time:

  • SpatialKey Server: Using Java, Hibernate and Spring to build out REST-based services for the SpatialKey front end.
  • Geospatial (GIS) data loading & maintenance: The automation and loading of raster and vector data for our mapping platform. Using various languages/technologies (BASH, Perl, Ruby, Python, GDAL) and other open source GIS tools at the Linux command line to load large complex data into our mapping platform. Your work will have a direct impact on our industry-leading Flood Analyst and Flood Underwriting solutions.
  • SpatialKey Cloud Analytics: Creating analytical services used to to process large amounts of custom data leveraging the latest parallel processing tools & techniques.
  • SpatialKey geocoder: You will assist in maintaining and improving our in-house US-based geocoder built with Ruby (Sinatra, DRb and Sqlite).
  • And much more…

We love technology and new stuff excites us. We are constantly pushing the envelope to find new ways to innovate and make our product better. That includes you finding new technology to improve our products. Open source is an essential element of our DNA. Our current stack is Linux, Apache, Tomcat, PostgreSQL with PostGIS, MongoDB, GridGain, Jenkins, Maven, Flex, Angular, Browserify, and Leaflet. We may not know everything about each of these, but we’re constantly listening, learning, teaching, and contributing.

About you

We need someone who has the ability to work independently and function with little direction. That doesn’t mean we will leave you on an island. You will be surrounded by strong technical resources willing to help and answer questions but ultimately the work you deliver is your responsibility. You should be able to work autonomously and in small teams, multi-task across multiple projects and technologies. You also need to be self-motivated and continuously keeping up with new technology to drive innovation within SpatialKey.

Required experience:

  • Ability to be proactive and work independently with limited direction
  • Good communication skills and ability to function in a remote environment
  • Experience with Java, C#, Python or similar language.
  • Excellent problem solving capabilities (understands how to translate a problem into code)
  • Linux command line experience
  • Hands-on experience with Eclipse or other IDE development tools
  • Experience in software development environments using Agile approach
  • Experience with distributed source control systems such as Git or Mercurial

Preferred experience:

  • Experience with Hibernate
  • Experience with Spring (Understanding IoC Inversion of Control & Dependency Injection)
  • PostgreSQL & PostGIS or GIS related experience (GDAL, ESRI…etc)
  • Experience developing REST APIs
  • SQL and RDBMS skills – able to generate and troubleshoot queries.
  • Experience and knowledge of cloud enabled services / applications (Amazon EC2)
  • Experience with Continuous Integration and related tools (Jenkins, Hudson, CruiseControl, Maven)

How to apply

It’s easy, email us your resume and tell us why you want the job. You can email jobs-at-spatialkey.com. This isn’t a big HR hiring department thing, so speak directly and let us know why you’re a good fit for what we’re looking for. Compensation will be commensurate with experience, but if you’re worried about us meeting your salary requirements please include your required range when applying.

Evaluate the impact of recent snowfall in the Northeast U.S.

With SpatialKey, insurers can quickly assess their potential exposure to the recent snowstorm in the Buffalo, NY area on November 21st. With increasing concern of potential roof collapse and flooding due to rising temperatures in the coming days, insurers want to be adequately prepared to respond to this unprecedented snowfall.

SpatialKey’s Flood Analyst app directly integrates NOAA’s real-time snow precipitation maps to deliver immediate insight to insurers! Now, exposure management and claims teams can estimate the impact of heavy snowfall, manage stakeholder expectations, and mobilize their efforts to assist insureds.

Leverage real-time snow precipitation data from NOAA
Leverage real-time snow precipitation data from NOAA

Understand potential exposure to heavy snowfall
Understand potential exposure to heavy snowfall

Insurers can easily assess the magnitude of portfolio exposure by location count, total insured value, exposed limit and any other metric. Using flexible filters, they can focus and prioritize their response by business segment, risk characteristics, individual policies, and/or locations. Further, analysts can effectively communicate between teams and senior management via shared dashboards, leading to prompt action and results.

Identify insureds most susceptible to damage
Identify insureds most susceptible to damage

Because SpatialKey is data agnostic, insurers can couple any expert content with SpatialKey’s intuitive workflows and rich analytics to derive real-time insights and enable faster, better decisions. In this case, insurers can leverage NOAA’s snow precipitation data within SpatialKey Flood Analyst to gain a comprehensive view of exposure before claims even start to come in.

When a natural disaster hits, whether that’s a snowstorm, earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, SpatialKey is the fastest way to understand how your exposure could be affected.