Custom calculations in dashboards have arrived!

We just released another set of updates for you in our August release... there's one in particular that we think you'll be thrilled about!

We are on a roll in 2014, see what's new!

March 2014 brings the third SpatialKey release of the year! We've added a new app, improved a few of our existing app offerings, and spent time refining the design of the core product. We can't promise continued new release every month, but we're on a roll so far in 2014.

SpatialKey February 2014 Release

Quick on the heels of last month’s update, we have a new February release that adds a few requested features and adds much needed support for our growing international customer base.

SpatialKey January 2014 Release

We're eager to get our 2014 started! Based on your feedback, we have enhanced several features within SpatialKey as well as added new capability and a new application. We're hoping this release will enhance your experience with SpatialKey and add value to your operations. Check-out the scope of this release below...

What we did in 2013 - Year in Review

2013 was a productive year for SpatialKey! Taking a moment to pause and pull together this Year in Review gave us a full sense of the great things we accomplished. We want to thank all of our clients for their continued support and commitment to evolving the SpatialKey product suite. We thoroughly enjoyed working together to deliver more innovation.

SpatialKey September 2013 Release

We've been busy cooking up some new features and a new application, and they are finally ready to be sampled! One of these is available as a beta release right now; but we didn't want to wait any longer to get the word out, start conversations, and get feedback.

SpatialKey June 2013 Release

It's time for another release! Over the last few months, we've been working both behind the scenes and on the user interface to enhance your experience with SpatialKey. The new release focuses on improvements to getting data into SpatialKey and visualizing it in a dashboard.

SpatialKey February 2013 Release

SpatialKey is thrilled to announce some user interface enhancements that will be sure to make heads turn! In this release you will find the following features:

What we did in 2012 - Year in Review

Only two years after we started introducing purpose-built apps for the insurance industry, SpatialKey is used by hundreds of insurance and reinsurance companies globally and by thousands of users across all industries. Whether you are working with 10 locations or 2 million locations, SpatialKey can handle it all.

Unveiling the new SpatialKey Natural Perils Suite...

SpatialKey Natural Perils Suite

These intuitive, interactive apps enable analysts, portfolio managers, claims managers, and executives to build intuition surrounding key concentrations of exposure and the composition of those exposures (business, occupancy, construction, and geographic attributes) impacted by a catastrophe event or derivative scenarios of an event. Initially, this is offered for live and historical U.S. hurricane and post-event footprints for earthquake (global coverage via USGS) and wildfire events. Each analysis can be saved as an interactive dashboard for internal collaboration and communication among other users within the enterprise.

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