SpatialKey rings in 2018 with a culture of caring

by Jen Smoldt on December 28, 2017

There’s a scene in the movie “This is 40” where Leslie Mann turns to her husband, played by Paul Rudd, and says, “You should care more.” Frustrated by her husband’s ambivalence, Leslie makes a simple, yet fundamental statement. Like many of us, her husband doesn’t appreciate being told what to do. And therein lies the problem (not the husband, ha)—but rather that caring shouldn’t be forced, it should be inspired. Fact is, if we don’t care, we don’t grow. But, when caring is abundantly demonstrated, it becomes infectious.

As 2017 comes to an end, we’re exceedingly thankful for our customers, partners, and for our own team here at SpatialKey, who has proven time and again how much they care. It’s no secret that our company has long been a product-focused organization, with core strengths residing in technology and innovation. What became more clear this year, however, in the wake of one of the worst catastrophe seasons ever, is that we’re also a company that excels at caring.

Here are just a few of the meaningful ways we delivered value and demonstrated a “culture of caring” in 2017:

  1. Innovation. Technology and innovation get a lot of buzz, especially with the rise of InsurTech, but for SpatialKey, it’s something we live everyday. Our developers, UX designers, product team—and every other role here for that matter—truly care about how to make our solutions smarter for insurers. To that end, we’ve been deep in the trenches developing a platform that is reinventing how the industry has traditionally accessed and leveraged expert hazard and event data. We think insurers shouldn’t be limited to prescriptive data, but should have the freedom to access any data they need, at any time they need it. As consumer expectations become more on-demand, shouldn’t insurers actively manage risk with the same freedom? The extreme catastrophes of 2017 stand as proof that insurers will need to embrace a new level of “streaming” data as the latest models and updated data become critical to event response efforts, as well as to establishing competitive advantage in underwriting volatile and evolving risks. 
  2. Responsiveness. The 2017 hurricane season, compounded by fires and earthquakes, was an onslaught of epic proportions that required a whole new level of all hands on deck. Many of our employees worked tirelessly during these events to keep clients informed, as well as to load and update data as it became available. And, our staff’s responsiveness was met with kind words and appreciation from many of our clients, such as, “Been super busy as you can imagine, but I don’t know what I would do without SpatialKey!” Or another client who recognized the speed at which we could enable data—choosing to entrust SpatialKey rather than their own in-house resources because of our ability to quickly load and update data. It was truly rewarding to have our clients recognize the level of customer care provided during these events, as well as how our solutions performed under extreme circumstances. 
  3. Heart. Many of us have worked at companies where there’s...Just. Something. Missing. Maybe it’s ambivalence, maybe it’s sheer size, or a top-down devotion to the bottom line, but a lack of “heart” is apparent. Not at SpatialKey. As Steven Diomampo, Development Manager at SpatialKey comments, “SpatialKey is very different from the larger companies I’ve worked for. It’s a place where anyone can voice an idea, concern, or ridiculous joke and be heard and accepted. That kind of feeling inspires me to do my best work and be my best self.” There’s a reason why SpatialKey was ranked on Entrepreneur's Top Company Cultures 2017 list, because culture truly comes first. Our company-wide offsite in Chicago was one of two times that our virtual company came together in 2017. Rather than dedicate time to meeting, we took an afternoon to pack meals at Feed My Starving Children—packing enough meals to feed 85 children for one year. That is a culture of caring in action.  

As we reflect on 2017, may we all resolve to care a little bit more in 2018—whether at home, at work, or in our communities—as Tom Peters said, “Celebrate what you want to see more of.” At SpatialKey, we’re gearing up to celebrate even more innovation, responsiveness, and heart in 2018.

Reach out to us here to learn more about our solutions and culture of caring. 

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