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SpatialKey and RedZone partner to offer leading wildfire underwriting solution

by Sarah Stadler

SpatialKey Inc is pleased to offer its insurance clients access to wildfire risk data from RedZone. RedZone provides the most accurate, up-to-date wildfire intelligence for underwriters, now immediately available in SpatialKey’s geospatial insurance analytics platform.

7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan, what's the portfolio impact?

by Sarah Stadler

Update: After our original publication of this post on Tuesday November 21, 2016 the earthquake was changed from a 6.9 magnitude rating to 7.4, and that change is reflected in our headline and post copy.

Tuesday brought a powerful earthquake just off the western coast of Japan. The Telegraph reports that Japan experiences around 20 percent of the world's earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater, and this quake keeps that statistic strong with a 7.4 magnitude rating.  The quake struck near the  2011 site that caused a massive tsunami, setting off the worst nuclear crisis the world had seen since Chernobyl. With a quake as strong as today’s the potential for a devastating tsunami is a relevant and rising concern for citizens and insurers alike.

How can 2016 risk inform your 2017 strategy?

by Sarah Stadler

2016 has been a year of growth and evolution here at SpatialKey from enhancing our solution for underwriters, actively monitoring catastrophic events that impacted insurers, and bringing on more 3rd-party data partnerships to fuel our solutions. With 2017 on the horizon, now is the time to reflect on the events of 2016 and understand how they can inform your strategy for 2017.

This year's success  

SpatialKey® and Location, Inc. give underwriters access to crime risk data, enabling data-driven underwriting decisions and risk-based pricing

by Sarah Stadler

SpatialKey Inc. (SpatialKey) is pleased to offer its insurance clients access to crime risk data from Location, Inc., a leading provider of U.S. location based analytics. Location, Inc. specializes in providing hyperlocal crime risk data to help underwriters understand, measure and select risk, and calculate premiums with greater accuracy. Exposure managers can also use Location Inc.’s crime risk data to quickly identify and manage adverse portfolio accumulations.

SpatialKey® and HazardHub collaborate to give insurers easier access to hazard data

by Sarah Stadler

SpatialKey Inc. (SpatialKey) is pleased to offer its insurance clients access to hazard data from HazardHub, a risk data provider. HazardHub specializes in developing proprietary models and processing past event data to help underwriters and exposure managers better understand the probability of future property damage, in order to write profitable business and maintain a strong portfolio.

Willis Re and SpatialKey® collaborate to bring EuroTempest data to insurers

by Sarah Stadler

New European Windstorm event response app available now

SpatialKey and Impact Forecasting are giving insurers greater access to global peril data

by Sarah Stadler

SpatialKey to include hazard data for more countries

Understand How the McMurray Wildfire Will Impact Your Portfolio

by Sarah Stadler
Photo Credit: Reuters via CBC News.

New Hire Underscores SpatialKey’s Continued Commitment to Information Security

by Sarah Stadler


JBA’s Houston Flood Footprint Now Integrated with SpatialKey

by Sarah Stadler
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