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Why P&C insurers need a better way to operationalize hazard data

Our industry is facing two major problems related to hazard data:

  1. There are more hazard and event data providers producing higher resolution footprints for a larger number of catastrophic events than ever before.
  2. This new quantity and quality of data is difficult (and, in some cases, impossible) for insurers to process fast enough to deploy timely response to their insureds.

How disparate systems sabotage your event response

The ecosystem of hazard models and data is rapidly expanding, and this is exciting news for the P&C industry. But with all the hazard data that is being generated, especially during catastrophic events like hurricane and wildfire, comes the need for a more streamlined way to access it.

Data quality and modeling is continually improving—more accuracy, better science, higher resolution—which we have witnessed here at SpatialKey working with providers like KatRisk, JBA, RedZone, Swiss Re, Impact Forecasting, HazardHub, and a host of others for a number of years now.

Evaluate the Impact of Winter Storm Juno

Winter Storm Juno arrived in the Northeast U.S. on January 27th. With significant flooding and increasing concern of potential roof collapse, insurers want to be adequately prepared to respond to this historic, mid-season snowfall. Areas like Worcester, MA, which saw historical snow accumulations of 35 inches, will be top of mind for insurers as forecasters suggest that this is likely the first of many storms to hit the region in the coming weeks.

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