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How collaborating on technology changes the buy vs. build debate once and for all

Our last post by CEO Tom Link, It’s time to evolve how you collaborate in a data-driven world, got me thinking about the importance of partnerships. Who you collaborate with to meet your business objectives matters, especially when it comes to technology. Having the right UX, GIS, and R&D resources on your side can mean the difference between amazing usability and software that slows you down.

It's here...the latest release of SpatialKey!!

Today, we deliver one of our biggest releases to date! It may be hard to believe, but... we made the user experience more elegant and intuitive and enhanced the richness of analytic features, better enabling users to discover and action intelligence from multi-dimensional data. If it's not obvious already, we’re extremely excited to get this release into the hands of our customers!

International Geocoding

Since the initial Beta release of SpatialKey in March we have received many requests for International geocoding. If you are not familiar with the term, geocoding it is the process of converting street addresses, or zip codes (postal codes) to geographic coordinates often expressed as latitude and longitude. With SpatialKey we are using TIGER (Topologically Integrated Geographic Encoding and Referencing system) to geocode our data. TIGER is provided by the Census Bureau which is freely available for public use. The TIGER geocoder is only available in the US and there is no such international equivalent. We have been researching different options for a unified international solution for SpatialKey but there are several challenges that that have prevented us from providing a solution:

SpatialKey Data Import API

Getting data into SpatialKey has always been simple but until now there was no way to programatically automate imports and updates of your datasets. Today we introduced the SpatialKey Data Import API (DIAPI). The DataImport API allows developers to utilize a variety of platforms and programming languages (like Java, ColdFusion, .Net, PHP, etc.) to automate the creation and management of Datasets within SpatialKey.

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