The Friday Five: Week of January 6, 2020

Insurity acquires SpatialKey, Inc., a leader in P&C geospatial analytics

The Friday Five: Week of December 16, 2019

Our Top 12 of 2019: Bomb cyclone, wildfires, event response, open ecosystems & more

The Friday Five: Week of December 9, 2019

Boundary data: Understanding risk when there's no data

The Friday Five: Week of December 2, 2019

Q&A with Swiss Re, global reinsurer & multi-peril hazard data provider 

Pass the thanks: Nurturing an attitude of gratitude at work

The Friday Five: Week of November 18, 2019

Q&A with KatRisk, global catastrophe modeler

The Friday Five: Week of November 11, 2019

How to use distance to coast data to inform your coastal risk

The Friday Five: Week of November 4, 2019

A maritime metaphor for P&C industry change

Q&A with RedZone, wildfire modeler & hazard data provider

The Friday Five: Week of October 28, 2019

Latest on California wildfires & resources for P&C insurers

The Friday Five: Week of October 21, 2019

Q&A with Location, Inc., crime risk data provider  

The Friday Five: Week of October 14, 2019

How P&C insurers can use crime data for more accurate & informed risk assessment

The Friday Five: Week of October 7, 2019

Key challenges facing P&C insurers

The Friday Five: Week of September 30, 2019

The dangers of making flood risk decisions in isolation

The Friday Five: Week of September 23, 2019

How flood severities & frequencies inform flood risk

The Friday Five: Week of September 16, 2019

How different flood types impact flood risk

The Friday Five: Week of September 9, 2019

Accounting for elevation & urbanization with high-resolution data

The Friday Five: Week of September 2, 2019

Hurricane Dorian: The latest info for P&C insurers

How technology has improved flood modeling

The Friday Five: Week of August 26, 2019

7 key questions event response automation should answer for you

The Friday Five: Week of August 19, 2019

How to make your event response workflow run like clockwork

The Friday Five: Week of August 12, 2019

Why P&C insurers need a better way to operationalize hazard data

Holborn adopts SpatialKey for advanced event response capabilities

The Friday Five: Week of August 5, 2019

How disparate systems sabotage your event response

The Friday Five: Week of July 29, 2019

Automating Event Response: P&C Challenges & Solutions

The Friday Five: Week of July 22, 2019

A burning need for better wildfire perimeter data

SpatialKey Releases the Next Iteration of its Automated Event Notification Solution for P&C Insurers, Including Hurricane and Storm Surge Alerts & Analysis

The Friday Five: Week of July 15, 2019

Barry makes landfall as Cat 1 hurricane: The latest event data for P&C insurers

The Friday Five: Week of July 8, 2019

Willis Re deploys updated wildfire risk solution in partnership with SpatialKey

Underwriting wildfire risk requires a more strategic P&C approach...

The Friday Five: Week of July 1, 2019

2019 Hurricane Best Practices for P&C Insurers

The Friday Five: Week of June 24, 2019

SpatialKey launches automated event notification and analysis solution for P&C insurers

The Friday Five: Week of June 17, 2019

How to geocorrect pre- and post-analysis for enhanced precision

The Friday Five: Week of June 10, 2019

Financial modeling use case: Understanding your actual exposure

The Friday Five: Week of June 3, 2019

10 hurricane takeaways from 2018

The Friday Five: Week of May 27, 2019

The Friday Five - Week of May 20, 2019

The Friday Five - Week of May 13, 2019

The Friday Five - Week of May 6, 2019

The Friday Five - Week of April 29, 2019

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one

Q&A with WeatherGuidance, leading weather data provider

Spring flooding worsened by record US snowpack

3 ways to use financial modeling to understand actual exposure

We salute women in InsurTech

Flood models: Built with climate change in mind

3 small steps for the U.S. private flood market

2019 is going to be BIG for U.S. private flood insurance

Is your underwriting stuck on repeat?

Come together, right now...and play nice with others

3 ways to jumpstart your underwriting in 2019

NFIP update: What P&C insurers need to know

Cultivating a culture of gratitude

3 ways P&C insurers can get more creative about wildfire risk

Technology is shaping better wildfire perimeter data and analytics

How to interpret post-event hurricane footprints

Streamlined access to JBA's 5m Florida Flood Maps

Hurricane Michael: The latest data and analytics for P&C insurers

10 critical hurricane takeaways for P&C insurers

Hurricane Florence: The latest data & analytics for P&C insurers

2018 Hurricane Best Practices for P&C Insurers

Hurricane Lane threatens Hawaiian Islands

How is climate change impacting flood models?

Pragmatic InsurTech solutions drive immediate ROI

InsurTech is a race. Are you a contender?

InsurTech is a game changer. Get in the game.

It’s time to evolve how you collaborate in a data-driven world

Q&A with JBA, global natural hazard risk modeler

How insurers can gain a Twister-like understanding of tornado risk this season

Colorado's costliest hailstorm one year later

3 ways to speed the property underwriting quote process

Q&A with IHS Markit, global terrorism & political risk data provider 

Women's History Month: Why it matters to InsurTech

Bridging the gap: Why data is a problem...and an opportunity

Q&A with HazardHub, leading hazard data provider for property underwriting 

3 lessons insurers can learn from Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy launch 

Underwriters: create competitive advantage with advanced data & analytics

SpatialKey and Swiss Re Collaborate

Is your underwriting process stuck on repeat? Let’s break the cycle with some help from Bill Murray

Q&A with Ambiental, global flood data provider

Government shutdown has insurance industry awaiting NFIP decision

The underwriter of the future is here, now

SpatialKey and WeatherGuidance partner to offer advanced event response to P&C claims teams

SpatialKey rings in 2018 with a culture of caring

NFIP reform and flood insurance privatization - the latest

“Apocalyptic” 2017 Hurricane Season: New norm or not-so-surprising?

Uncertain European Windstorm Season Upon Us: Claims mitigation and response should be ready

Changing Terrorism Landscape Calls for Better Defense for Insurers

California wildfires devastate $58 billion wine industry

California wildfires continue to rage for the fifth straight day

Hurricane Nate: Not as damaging as others, but a reminder that there are still more hurricanes to come

Hurricane Maria: Atlantic hurricane season living up to its expectations

SpatialKey and IHS Markit collaborate to offer political violence risk intelligence data to insurers

Underwriting terrorism risk is a service that we should be talking about

Hurricane Irma: Where to go for the best information

Hurricane Harvey: What now?

Harvey grew up fast, from tropical depression to hurricane

Spotlight on RedZone

Twister 2017

Bridging the technology gap with InsurTech

How to Extinguish Wildfire Risk this Season

Are you prepared to look hurricane season in the eye?

Spotlight on HazardHub

Hail Hits Home for SpatialKey...Plus, how to proactively inform your hail risk and response

SpatialKey ranked on 2017 Top Company Cultures list

SpatialKey Names Insurance Industry Expert Bret Stone as President

Punxsutawney Phil predicts it's time to reevaluate your underwriting approach

SpatialKey and RedZone partner to offer leading wildfire underwriting solution

7.4 magnitude earthquake strikes Japan, what's the portfolio impact?

How can 2016 risk inform your 2017 strategy?

SpatialKey® and Location, Inc. give underwriters access to crime risk data, enabling data-driven underwriting decisions and risk-based pricing

SpatialKey® and HazardHub collaborate to give insurers easier access to hazard data

Willis Re and SpatialKey® collaborate to bring EuroTempest data to insurers

Whether you buy or build, getting ahead depends on leveraging the right experts

Hurricane Matthew by the numbers: What we know so far

How collaborating on technology changes the buy vs. build debate once and for all

Hurricane Matthew: 3 best practices your claims team can use this weekend

Category 3 Hurricane Matthew barrels toward Southeastern US: How insurers can act now with confidence

Summer 2016 catastrophe wrap-up: Understand your exposure and prepare for future events

Could your portfolio weather another Kyrill?

SpatialKey and Impact Forecasting are giving insurers greater access to global peril data

A final look at the impact of Hermine

Fizzled but not forgotten: Hermine may have weakened, but storm surge still a concern

As Hermine changes, so does the impact to your portfolio

Track Hurricane Hermine using current path and footprint

Devastating earthquake hits central Italy: Respond now and plan for tomorrow

Flooded with claims: Visualize how Louisiana event affects your portfolio

How will you weather hurricanes during the rest of the 2016 season?

Learn why wildfires create a burning need for technology

Who needs Q for underwriting gadgets when you have SpatialKey?

Confidential: How to proactively manage accumulations at the point of sale

Every underwriter needs a Miss Moneypenny on their side

For your eyes only: How to write realistic terror scenarios

How to be the 007 of underwriting

3 lessons to make you see 2016 hurricane season in a new light

Understand How the McMurray Wildfire Will Impact Your Portfolio

New Hire Underscores SpatialKey’s Continued Commitment to Information Security

JBA’s Houston Flood Footprint Now Integrated with SpatialKey

Houston Flood: 3 Critical Things You Need to Know

Ecuador Earthquake: How SpatialKey Helps Insurers Respond

Japan’s Latest Earthquakes Underscore Complexities for Insurers

Brussels Attack Highlights Need for Sophisticated Insurance Analytics Tools

Texas Storm Signals Hail Season in Full Swing for Insurers

SpatialKey Pinpoints Low-Risk Opportunities, as Flood Insurance Market Set to Expand

SpatialKey Establishes Full-Time Presence in London

Ohhh Yeah! SpatialKey Rated #1 for Employee Satisfaction

5 Ways SpatialKey Enhanced Insurance Analytics in 2015

Hurricane Patricia Shaping up to be the Strongest Hurricane in History

SpatialKey Selected by ProSight Specialty to Advance Underwriting Practices Through Data Analytics and Visualization

Analyzing the floods in France: how is your portfolio being impacted?

Understand the depth of your exposure to South Carolina flooding

What next? Assessing the damage after the M8.3 earthquake in Chile

SpatialKey Announces Addition of Robust Data Analytics and Visualization to Hail Product

Visualizing the Impact of the Butte Wildfire

SpatialKey Continues Collaboration With RMS Through Launch of SpatialKey Bridge ETL

Know your exposure to hail

Ring and Target Accumulations help you avoid and manage excessive exposure to terrorist activity

Manage your exposure concentrations with confidence

SpatialKey Selected by RLI for its Underwriting and Exposure Management Operations

Evaluate the Impact of Winter Storm Juno

SpatialKey's flood solution helps Catlin write better risks

Evaluate the impact of recent snowfall in the Northeast U.S.

Analyzing Your Exposure Against the 2014 South Napa Earthquake

Custom calculations in dashboards have arrived!

SpatialKey delivers new U.S. flood solution!

SpatialKey is pleased to be partnering with RMS to integrate SpatialKey analytic solutions with RMS(one)

SpatialKey's Flood Underwriting app adds support for Thailand, Canada, and Australia

We are on a roll in 2014, see what's new!

SpatialKey February 2014 Release

SpatialKey partners with Innovation Group to deliver insight and extended business value to insurers.

SpatialKey January 2014 Release

A new way to visualize your portfolio exposure!

What we did in 2013 - Year in Review

Understanding the Impact... Illinois Tornadoes 11/17/2013

SpatialKey speaks to the value of its Insurance & Market Intelligence solutions

SpatialKey September 2013 Release

Colorado Wildfires: Black Forest Fire, Royal Gorge Fire, Big Meadows Fire

SpatialKey June 2013 Release

Map of May 20 and 31 Oklahoma Tornadoes with Population Density

Oklahoma Tornadoes from May 31st, 2013

Understanding the Impact (Part 2)... Moore, OK Tornado

Understanding the Impact... Moore, OK Tornado

The Severe Storms app is ready for its first full severe storm season!

Have you heard of Geopointe Analytics?

SpatialKey provides Aspen Insurance with innovative new flood underwriting solution

SpatialKey February 2013 Release

What we did in 2012 - Year in Review

SpatialKey delivers enhanced risk selection at the point of underwriting!

How will Hurricane Sandy affect your business?

Explore relationships in your insurance data using SpatialKey’s comparison analytics!

Hurricane Forecast App helps insurers monitor Hurricane Issac

Introduction to our Earthquake App

Introduction to our Wildfire App

Unveiling the new SpatialKey Natural Perils Suite...

It's here...the latest release of SpatialKey!!

Quickly Assessing Tornado Exposure

What we did in 2011 - Year in Review

Risk Managers Can Assess Storm Impact with SpatialKey

Irene on Saturday... looks like Thursday

Hurricane Irene - SpatialKey in Action

Hurricane Irene - What a Difference a Day Makes

Tracking Hurricane Irene - Rapid Exposure Forecasting for Insurers

Instant Exposure Forecast – Adding Context to Hurricanes

Rapid Earthquake Exposure Assessment - Virginia Quake

From the R&D Lab: SpatialKey on the BlackBerry Playbook

60 years of tornado activity, animated

Rapid Event Reporting and Damage Assessment with SpatialKey

Make Better Underwriting Decisions with SpatialKey

SpatialKey, visual thinking, and insurance

SpatialKey and Insurance Data Mapping and Analysis

Tracking tropical storm Alex's potential impact on insurance policies with SpatialKey

Where 2.0 and Crisis Mapping

We make it and use it too

Comparing Thematic Maps with Density Heatmaps

Visual mapping and analysis for "regular" business users?

The easiest way to create thematic maps by state, county, or zip code

Building Permit Data from DataSF

New Basemap Styles

International Geocoding

SpatialKey Data Import API

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