Texas Storm Signals Hail Season in Full Swing for Insurers

by Sarah Stadler on March 25, 2016

rsz_hail_damage Image courtesy of aceroofingtexas.com

Golf-ball sized hail roared through Dallas/Fort Worth on Wednesday, marking the second storm for the area in nearly a week. Insurers know only too well that this is just the beginning of a busy season.

While it’s too soon to know the latest storm’s losses, the previous week’s storm caused an estimated $600 million in insured losses, according to the Insurance Council of Texas.

With such a large number of claims filed in just over a week, assessing the damages and responding to policyholders as quickly as possible will be a challenge. The last thing you need is clunky software slowing you down.

SpatialKey gives you seamless access to intuitive analytics and expert hail data in one spot, making it easier to mobilize your claims teams and quickly help your customers.

Understand the Potential Impact of Hail Events

What makes SpatialKey different? For starters, it’s seamlessly integrated with Weather Verification Services from CoreLogic® to help you quickly assess the potential impact of recent or past hailstorms and understand damage severity based on hail size.


You can also filter by hail size for insight into potential damage to various areas and classes of business. Understanding damage severity helps you manage claims reserves and gives you a clear vision of what kind of damage your portfolio might experience.


Finally, you can coalesce all of this information in one view with robust, purpose-built analytics to bring your full analysis to life and make truly data-driven business decisions.


To learn more about how SpatialKey’s robust data, crisp visualizations, and industry-leading user experience can help you improve your policyholders’ claims experience, contact us today.

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