SpatialKey Selected by RLI for its Underwriting and Exposure Management Operations

by Sarah Stadler on May 6, 2015

SpatialKey, Inc. ("SpatialKey") delivers risk intelligence to RLI Insurance Company’s (“RLI”) exposure management and underwriting operations through robust portfolio data analytics and enhanced decision support at the point of underwriting

SpatialKey’s expertise in delivering intuitive, geospatial analytics and visualizations has enabled RLI to evaluate and respond to changes in the distribution and composition of its portfolio and write better risks. SpatialKey’s Insurance Intelligence solution provides a comprehensive suite of data analytics and visualizations that enable business users to turn information into decisions in their exposure management and underwriting processes.

“Data analytics is a key differentiator in how we operate, compete, select risks, and proactively manage our portfolio. With SpatialKey, we have empowered our underwriters and analytic teams with actionable information to improve risk selection and portfolio performance.” says Jen Klobnak, Senior Vice President, Risk Services at RLI.

SpatialKey’s underwriting solution, designed collaboratively with RLI underwriters, integrates directly with RLI’s property submission management system, creating a seamless underwriting workflow and empowering underwriters with the right information, right now. Further, each prospective risk is evaluated in the context of weekly snapshots of RLI’s portfolio, enabling underwriters to leverage the best data available – their own portfolio, analytic, and experience data – and leading to competitive advantage.

“We are excited to partner with RLI to deliver on the demands of its exposure management and underwriting operations and to identify new opportunities to deliver new analytic innovation to the benefit of the insurance industry.” says Bret Stone, Chief Operations Officer at SpatialKey.

About SpatialKey

SpatialKey is a leader in insurance analytics and visualization, delivering real business value via purpose-built applications. SpatialKey Insurance Intelligence integrates industry-leading data solutions with an unmatched user experience and differentiated geo-spatial and business intelligence capability. Through speed-of-thought analytics and agile visualizations, SpatialKey helps insurers understand risk accumulations and composition, respond to live catastrophe events, and manage exposure proactively at the point of underwriting. As insurers innovate to deliver value to their customers and seek to optimize their risk portfolio, SpatialKey will continue to work with them to deliver revolutionary analytics. For more information, visit

About RLI Insurance Company

RLI, a specialty insurance company, offers a diversified portfolio of property and casualty coverages and surety bonds serving niche or underserved markets. RLI operates in all 50 states from office locations across the country. RLI’s insurance subsidiaries – RLI Insurance Company, Mt. Hawley Insurance Company, RLI Indemnity Company and Contractors Bonding and Insurance Company – are rated A+ “Superior” by A.M. Best Company. For more information visit the corporate website at

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