SpatialKey's flood solution helps Catlin write better risks

by Bret Stone on January 29, 2015

Press Release (excerpt) - January 28, 2015

SpatialKey’s expertise in delivering intuitive, speed-of-thought risk analytics and visualizations has enabled Catlin to write better risks and identify new opportunities. The SpatialKey Flood Underwriting application is built specifically for underwriters and helps them to evaluate flood exposure, avoid adverse flood accumulations and gain insights surrounding the quality and correlation of prospective risks relative to their portfolio.

"Our use of SpatialKey has improved the way we analyse and make underwriting decisions. We write new business with greater confidence and understanding of our flood exposure, creating competitive advantage and lower claims costs," says Colin Panzetta, Senior Class Underwriter at Catlin.

SpatialKey’s flood solution integrates expert commercial flood maps across the globe, currently covering Europe, Asia, U.S. and Australia. This solution delivers purpose-built applications, tailored to underwriting and exposure management workflows, that provide focused insights to help insurers manage flood accumulations, develop views of risk and accelerate underwriting decisions.

Full press release can be accessed here.

Topics: Insurance, Underwriting, Flood, Exposure Management, Analytics

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