Analyzing Your Exposure Against the 2014 South Napa Earthquake

by Doug McCune on September 11, 2014

SpatialKey customers were able to quickly calculate potential exposure resulting from the 6.0 earthquake that struck near Napa, CA on August 24. The SpatialKey Earthquake App enabled ready access to earthquake shake maps published by the USGS within one hour of the quake, allowing our customers to respond quickly and confidently.


North Shore Management, a MGA with specialization in writing E&S earthquake and flood risk, used the Earthquake App to respond to the event:

"SpatialKey's cutting edge mapping ability allowed us to assess our exposure and identify exact locations of a possible loss within hours of the event. With this information, we were able to provide immediate feedback to our clients, which is invaluable to us after an earthquake."

- Deke Emmerich, President of North Shore Management


SpatialKey customers were able to quickly see the number of locations and total insured value at risk. Using flexible filters, they focused and prioritized their response on key segments of their business, individual policies, and/or locations that were exposed to the most severe shaking.


Commercial insurers were also able to quickly understand their exposure, net of policy coverages, providing a more accurate representation of loss potential, before the claims even start coming in.

When a natural disaster hits, whether that's an earthquake, hurricane, or tornado, SpatialKey's event analysis suite of apps are the fastest way to understand your exposure.

Topics: Insurance, Event Analysis, Earthquake, Event response

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