SpatialKey February 2014 Release

by Rebecca Morris on February 28, 2014

Quick on the heels of last month’s update, we have a new February release that adds a few requested features and adds much needed support for our growing international customer base.

Global language and character support

This release focuses on supporting our international customers by allowing non-English characters in your data, dashboard names, and more. Any characters that can be displayed on your computer are now supported, such as Japanese Kanji or accents characters in French or Spanish.


We’ve put together a list of tips for the best way to import your data with full character support.

Manual control of point and shape colors

You can now set individual colors for points or shapes when coloring by a text field. First, select a text field in layer manager for your point dataset or shape dataset. In the example below, “occupancy”, which is text, was selected.

To manually set the different colors select the “Colors” tab and then click “Customize”.

Tile map layers

SpatialKey has previously supported WMS layers to allow you to add visual layers to your dashboards. We now support tile layers, which is a standard way to produce map layers used by companies like Google and MapBox.

Here is an example that you can interact with outside of SpatialKey to get a feel for tile map layers. This is a beautiful example that shows the world in watercolor.

Another cool example is to make the world wooden. Here’s how you set it up in SpatialKey. Click on the “+” icon in the layer manager and select the “Visual Map Layer” option. Then select “Tile Map Service”.

Enter the Tile Map Service URL and a label.

Here is the resulting tile map layer in SpatialKey.

Here are the URLs for a these examples so you can check them out:

  • Woodblock map –{z}/{c}/{r}.png
  • Watercolor map -{z}/{c}/{r}.jpg

Refresh option for dataset and dashboard lists

We found that sometimes our automatic refreshes of all lists in SpatialKey doesn’t occur quick enough and sometimes you just need a refreshed list immediately. To help with this, we added manual refresh options to dataset and dashboard lists in SpatialKey. This option is available on the Dashboards, Manage Data, and Data Mart tabs.

Improved launching of Data Mart items

For those of you who license the SpatialKey Data Mart and use it regularly, this feature will be a welcome surprise. After a dataset from the Data Mart completes importing into SpatialKey, you can directly launch it in Map Analyst without having to go back to the “Manage Data” tab and find it.

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