Understanding the Impact... Illinois Tornadoes 11/17/2013

by Rebecca Morris on November 19, 2013

To help businesses respond to the devastating tornadoes experienced across Illinois on November 17th, Willis Re has made preliminary footprints of the tornadoes available to SpatialKey clients free of charge and without restriction. Other experts, like Weather Decision Technologies (see Moore, OK article), are also analyzing the scope and impact of this event, and their data can be provided upon request.

You can leverage expert intelligence to quantify the impact to your operations and customers in an instant. The Willis Re footprint data is available for immediate use via the SpatialKey Data Mart. Simply, select the tornado footprints and overlay insured data to quickly estimate your exposure and to evaluate response scenarios. These footprints can be analyzed in SpatialKey's Map Analyst and Severe Storms applications.

Compliments of Willis Re, the "Preliminary EF4 Washington Track 11/17/13" file (left image below) takes a closer look at Washington, IL, and the "Preliminary Tornado Tracks 11/17/13" file (right image below) provides a preliminary footprint of the 13 areas impacted by tornadoes on November 17th.

Additionally, within the Severe Storms application, you can visualize these tracks (in red and green) alongside integrated Storm Prediction Center reports available from the National Weather Service. Here, you have the ability to create your own storm track (in blue) and apply damage assumptions to estimate your potential exposure.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 12.50.12 PM

Visualize the impact in SpatialKey

With the footprint from Willis Re and analytics from SpatialKey, you can quickly quantify your exposure. SpatialKey has provided ready access to this footprint within the Data Mart, under the Featured section. Just pick the “Preliminary Tornado Tracks 11/17/13" and "Preliminary EF4 Washington Track 11/17/13" files to use in your analysis.

There are not too many locations in the direct path of the tornado for my dataset, but there is likely damage in close proximity to the path. To understand the impact within 5 miles of the swath, you can apply a buffer, which will include locations within that buffer in your analysis.

You can add analytic pods to understand the composition of those exposures, what claims personnel you may have responding already, and which business operations are most impacted by insured losses.

If you would like to build your own storm track and apply damage assumptions for different buffers around that track, you can use the Storm Drawing Tool in the Severe Storms app.

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 5.43.28 PM

With SpatialKey's easy-to-use visual analytics and Willis Re's tornado footprints, you can expedite the identification and quantification of your potential exposure and begin mobilizing your response. We hope this collaborative effort will help you deliver assistance and relief to those in need.


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