Colorado Wildfires: Black Forest Fire, Royal Gorge Fire, Big Meadows Fire

by Rebecca Morris on June 13, 2013

Significant wildfires are impacting Colorado residents this week. Since its start on Tuesday, June 11th, the Black Forest Fire near Colorado Springs has completely destroyed 360 homes, which is the most in Colorado history.

The three active fires include:

  • Black Forest - 15,000 acres
  • Royal Gorge - 3,100 acres
  • Big Meadows - 600 acres

You can understand and monitor the impact of all three fires within SpatialKey. The SpatialKey Wildfire application delivers the most recent wildfire perimeter data published by Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group (GeoMAC) for you to quickly analyze the extent of potential exposure, manage stakeholder expectations, and begin to deploy claims personnel to assist your insureds.

Simply select the fire(s) of interest from a list of active and historical wildfires to create a map showing your exposure relative to the affected area.

You can visualize properties that have already been impacted and quantify your aggregate exposure on a TIV or Exposed Limit basis. Additionally, you can apply buffers to the GeoMAC perimeters to project the wildfire's impact based on your view of potential spread.

In our sample portfolio, there are properties within 5 miles of the current Black Forest Fire and Royal Gorge Fire perimeters that may be directly or indirectly impacted by the fires.

Evacuation Areas for Black Forest Fire

In addition to the GeoMAC perimeter data, the City of Colorado Springs has provided evacuation areas for the Black Forest Fire. This data is immediately available to you in the SpatialKey Data Mart, under the "Wildfire" folder. The file name is "City of Colorado Springs and El Paso County Evacuation Areas 6/13/13".

We hope this solution and data will assist you in responding to these wildfires and bringing relief to those who have been impacted. Check for new data updates directly within the SpatialKey Wildfire app.

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