Understanding the Impact... Moore, OK Tornado

by Rebecca Morris on May 21, 2013

To help businesses respond to the unfortunate tragedy experienced in Moore, Oklahoma on the afternoon of May 20, Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) has provided a preliminary footprint of the EF4 tornado free of charge and without restriction. SpatialKey has distributed this data to its insurance clients via the Data Mart for efficient impact analysis and mobilization of response efforts.

In the wake of this event, insurer's need to gain a complete understanding of their potential exposure and begin to deploy claims personnel to assist and protect their insureds.

Visualize the impact in SpatialKey

With the footprint from WDT and analytics from SpatialKey, you can quickly quantify your exposure just 24 hours after the storm. SpatialKey has provided ready access to this footprint within the Data Mart, under the WDT provider section. Just pick the "Moore Oklahoma F4 Tornado - May 20th 2013" file to use in your analysis.

Analyze your data by joining the tornado swath with your exposure.

Let's set up a join between your exposure dataset and the tornado swath in order to begin evaluating loss potential and response scenarios within a SpatialKey Map Analyst dashboard. Select to "Use the Point Locations" for the join - this will take the latitude and longitude coordinates from your geocoded dataset and place them in the context of the storm footprint.

After the join completes, view your exposure and the Moore Tornado in SpatialKey Map Analyst using the joined fields as filters to narrow down the exposed risks. For a refresher on how to use joined fields as filters, check out this article.

Buffer around the tornado track

There are not too many locations in the direct path of the tornado for my dataset, but there are likely damages in close proximity to the path. To understand the impact within 5 miles of the swath, you can apply a buffer, which will include locations within that buffer in your analysis.

You can add analytic pods to understand the composition of those exposures, what claims personnel you may have responding already, and which business operations are most impacted by insured losses.

Response time is critical... with SpatialKey and the tornado footprint from WDT, you are one step closer to understanding your exposure and to mobilizing your response to this event. We hope this solution will assist businesses in expediting the delivery of aid and relief to those impacted by this tragic event.

Topics: Insurance, Analytics, tornado, Event response

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