Understanding the Impact (Part 2)... Moore, OK Tornado

by Rebecca Morris on May 23, 2013

Weather Decision Technologies (WDT) and NOAA have provided additional resources to help you further understand the impact of the Moore, Oklahoma Tornado. These resources are now available immediately to SpatialKey users through the SpatialKey Data Mart. You now have the latest intelligence at your fingertips to quantify the impact to your operations and customers through rich, visual analytics in SpatialKey's Map Analyst product.

Estimate your exposure that may be subject to a total loss

Compliments of WDT, the Moore Oklahoma F4 Tornado - Estimated Total Loss Zone footprint represents a hand-drawn analysis based on aerial photography taken after the tornado. The shape represents properties that appear to be extensively damaged, potentially resulting in a total loss (to their best estimation). With a simple join in SpatialKey, you can identify and quantify your insured risk by TIV or Exposed Limit in seconds.

Evaluate your exposure in the context of wind severity

The Moore Oklahoma Tornado - NOAA Footprint data includes multiple buffers representing different wind severities, based on the EF Scale. Again, just simply join this data to your portfolio and quickly quantify the volume of exposure (TIV or Exposed Limits) by severity to apply your views of estimated loss.

Communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders

As with all SpatialKey applications, you can leverage analytic pods to gain a better insight into your risk composition with supporting location and policy detail. These interactive dashboards can be instantly shared with stakeholders to independently ask questions of the data, reducing cycle time between units to enhance the quality and speed of service you can offer the victims of this catastrophe.

Topics: Insurance, Analytics, tornado, Event response

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