Have you heard of Geopointe Analytics?

by Rebecca Morris on April 8, 2013

Visualize your Salesforce data with Geopointe, the premier mapping solution for Salesforce. Whether it is opportunities, agent locations, current clients, or something unique to your business, putting your data on a map can help it come to life!

After getting hooked on mapping from using Geopointe, many clients find that they want to ask more questions of the data and perform additional analytics… this is where SpatialKey steps in! SpatialKey and Geopointe have partnered to bring Salesforce users a full-featured Geopointe Analytics solution.

Still directly integrated with Salesforce, SpatialKey will help you answer questions like…

  • Do I have sufficient agent coverage for my existing customers?
  • I have customers all over the U.S. but want to hold events in 5 key cities. Which of my customers are within a reasonable distance to these potential event locations?
  • My advertising agency has advertising locations all over the U.S. and our customers only want to use our advertising services within 10 miles of their locations. What advertising locations are available within the desired zones?
  • Can I visualize my customers by my custom defined sales territories?
  • How are my sales trending over time?

Geopointe put together a great webinar that shows off how the SpatialKey integration in Salesforce works. Check it out!


How do I sign up? The SpatialKey integration is automatically enabled for all Geopointe trials. Follow these steps to install Geopointe and get started today!

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