SpatialKey February 2013 Release

by Rebecca Morris on February 21, 2013

SpatialKey is thrilled to announce some user interface enhancements that will be sure to make heads turn! In this release you will find the following features:

  • Redesigned pods that let your data shine
  • New pod features that help your data tell a more compelling story
  • New functionality that allows you to retrieve address and latitude/longitude coordinates for any point that you click on within your dashboard

Redesigned pods

Check them out, aren't they shiny and awesome! The image on the left shows the old pods, the image on the right shows the new pods.

The new pods look slimmer and blend into the background now that the headers are not as prominent. This allows for your data in the pods and on the map to stay in focus without as much distraction.

When needed, all of the same pod settings become available. Hover over any pod to see the settings appear. You'll notice that as you hover over the gear icon, the setting menu will start to peek out from behind the pod.

All of the pods in your saved dashboards will automatically convert to the new design after the release. We hope you love the new look and feel as much as we do!

New pod features

In addition to the new look and feel, we also added some new functionality to the Statistics Pod and the Unique Value List Pod.

Statistics Pod

The Statistics Pod can now contain multiple stats in a single pod. Click on the "+" icon to add a stat to an existing Statistics pod. Configure your new stat and "save".

Configure whether your stats are vertically or horizontally oriented by resizing the pod in the bottom right corner.

Grab a stat from an existing Statistics Pod and drag it to another Statistics Pod to combine them. To move a stat from an existing pod into a Statistics Pod of its own, grab the stat and drag it away from its original Statistics Pod. Note that when selecting a stat to move, you need to click on the stat value itself, not on the pod header.

Have some fun playing around with this interaction and integrating multiple stats into a single pod. This new functionality will help you organize and clean up your dashboards.

Unique Value List Pod

A row containing totals for all data in the pod in now enabled by default. You have the option to disable the totals in the pod settings.

Instead of adding multiple Unique Values List Pods to your dashboard to show different values and grouping options, you can simply add multiple calculated and grouping columns to a single pod. Rearrange columns as needed by dragging and dropping them into position.

Test out the new feature of viewing your numeric values as mini-charts to see if it is a good option for your data. Hover over a line item in your pod to see the numerical values.

That's it for Unique Value List Pod updates. We hope that this functionality will help you conserve screen real estate and better organize your dashboards.

Retrieve address and latitude/longitude coordinates

Have you ever wanted to click on any point in your dashboard and find the address or latitude/longitude coordinates? Even if you didn't know you wanted to, I'm sure you will now that this feature is available in SpatialKey. Right click on any point on your map and click to get "lat/long" or "closest address".

Address and lat/long information will be retrieved and you will be provided with direct links to copy this information or view in Google Maps.

Final Words

There is one additional feature worth mentioning. For those of you with a little OCD, the biggest highlight of this release is that the pods now snap to a grid so that you can nicely line up the edges without making yourself crazy.

That's it for what's included in this release, enjoy!

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