Hurricane Forecast App helps insurers monitor Hurricane Issac

by Tom Link on August 26, 2012

SpatialKey's Hurricane Forecast App is currently being used by our customers in the insurance industry to monitor the impact of Hurricane Issac. As of Sunday afternoon, NOAA's forecast calls for Issac to make landfall as a Cat 1 event on Tuesday over the Louisiana / Mississippi Gulf Coast, and to subsequently strengthen to a Cat 2 event. Here's a view indicating population count by county within the 50+ knot wind bands.

Hurricane Issac projected path and cone of uncertainty intersecting with county populations.

Our Hurricane Forecast App enables an insurer to quickly analyze NOAA's latest forecast tracks in context to their portfolio. Sophisticated analysis can quickly be performed and shared throughout an organization, supporting improved situational awareness and event response.

Contact us to learn more about how easy it is to deploy our Hurricane Forecast App, or any of the Apps in our Natural Peril Suite.

Topics: Hurricane, Insurance, Analytics, Event response

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