Introduction to our Earthquake App

by Tom Link on June 12, 2012

We recently announced the commercial availability of our Natural Perils Suite. Each of the apps in the suite are designed to more easily put hazard data into perspective for users throughout an insurance company from risk, portfolio, and claims managers right up to the C-suite.

Our Earthquake app integrates with the USGS's ShakeMap program to allow an insurer to quickly determine the shake intensity of locations in a portfolio following an event. Additionally, an insurer can select from historic quakes or various earthquake scenarios. We think this is about the fastest, most visual, and easiest way to:

  • Quickly reference an earthquake footprint, banded by shake intensity, in context with a portfolio.
  • See the number of locations, and total insured value, in each shake intensity band.
  • Analyze shake intensity by MMI, PGA, or PGV values.
  • Export a list of impacted locations with shake intensity values appended.
  • Easily and interactively share all of the above with other members of their organization with saved dashboards.

Seeing is believing. Here'a a quick demo of the Earthquake App:

The Earthquake App is a great example of SpatialKey's ongoing effort to provide solutions for the insurance industry that put hazard data in context with an insurer's portfolio to make better informed decisions more quickly and collaboratively than previously possible.

Topics: Insurance, Earthquake, Analytics, Event response

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