Unveiling the new SpatialKey Natural Perils Suite...

by Bret Stone on May 9, 2012

SpatialKey Natural Perils Suite

These intuitive, interactive apps enable analysts, portfolio managers, claims managers, and executives to build intuition surrounding key concentrations of exposure and the composition of those exposures (business, occupancy, construction, and geographic attributes) impacted by a catastrophe event or derivative scenarios of an event. Initially, this is offered for live and historical U.S. hurricane and post-event footprints for earthquake (global coverage via USGS) and wildfire events. Each analysis can be saved as an interactive dashboard for internal collaboration and communication among other users within the enterprise.

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Hurricane Forecasts
SpatialKey’s Hurricane Forecast app instantly forecasts an insurer’s potential exposure to a live event, based on the latest storm data from NOAA. Because it leverages live feeds from NOAA, you can review your portfolio at multiple snapshots in time throughout the life cycle of an event, ensuring that you are analyzing and communicating the latest intelligence to your internal and external stakeholders. Further, you can adjust the trajectory of the forecasted storm track and windfield within the event’s cone of uncertainty to evaluate possible implications of shifts in the storm.

Past Hurricane Scenarios
Past Hurricane Scenarios enables you to evaluate loss potential for a historical hurricane event and run what-if scenarios to determine what would happen if that hurricane struck today. Similar to the Hurricane Forecasts app, you can gain insight into exposure accumulations and the composition of those risks therein and filter your data to review aggregations by event and exposure characteristics. If you wanted to hypothesize what Hurricane Ike would look like if the track shifted 50 miles West and rotated 45 degrees, you could reposition and rotate the track in any direction and resize the windfield of the storm.

Earthquake Impact
Earthquake Impact was built specifically to evaluate the proximity of portfolio exposures to actual earthquake events (recent and historical globally), as well as hypothetical large earthquake event scenarios, delivered via a feed from the USGS. You can understand the distribution and composition of your exposure relative to the event footprint as well as understand the relative impact observed in terms of Peak Ground Acceleration, Peak Ground Velocity, and Modified Mercalli Index and associated risk aggregations by intensity level.

The Wildfire app provides insight into risk potential associated with active, recent and historical wildfire events, based on data from the USDA Forest Service MODIS Active Fire Mapping Program. Events are categorized and listed for each calendar year period, which can be further filtered by month(s) to select the events of particular interest. Users can review their risk accumulations in the context of individual wildfire outbreaks. Furthermore, a user can enlarge the buffer surrounding the event to evaluate multiple deterministic scenarios.

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