It's here...the latest release of SpatialKey!!

by Brandon Purcell on May 8, 2012

Today, we deliver one of our biggest releases to date! It may be hard to believe, but... we made the user experience more elegant and intuitive and enhanced the richness of analytic features, better enabling users to discover and action intelligence from multi-dimensional data. If it's not obvious already, we’re extremely excited to get this release into the hands of our customers!

Some feature enhancements to SpatialKey Analyst, include:

  • Refined usability for both new and experienced users
  • Dashboard selection and organization
  • Process notifications
  • New base maps with improved visualization and map feature labeling
  • Enhanced zoom level presentation and the introduction of graduated symbology to express multiple metrics simultaneously

We are also introducing a completely new set of insurance applications...the Natural Perils Suite, which is initially focused on hurricane, earthquake, and wildfire risks. Insightful analytics, intuitive workflows, and third party data integration deliver to each peril’s unique characteristics and business applications. These applications will better enable portfolio/line managers and risk analysts to identify key portfolio risk accumulations, test hypotheses with scenario-based analytics and portfolio segmentation, and respond efficiently and deploy claims personnel for live catastrophe events. For a full list of features in this release check out the latest release notes.

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