Risk Managers Can Assess Storm Impact with SpatialKey

by Tom Link on September 3, 2011

With SpatialKey risk managers or operations executives responsible for multiple locations nationwide or regionally can quickly assess an event like this tropical storm.

Tropical storm Lee is making landfall in Louisiana as we speak. And as it happens, this event is unfolding on a Saturday. With With SpatialKey, a risk manager can quickly get an operational picture of this event and how it may impact locations of interest. She can do it right from a laptop at home. And she doesn't need to call in a GIS specialist to prepare anything for her- she can do all of this on demand, based on the latest forecast data.

Here's a video that shows just how simple it is...

In addition to being so easy to access and use, it's easy to get started. We can have your organization up and running in minutes. Please contact us for more information about our solutions for insurance and risk management.

Topics: Hurricane, Insurance, Analytics, Event response

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