Make Better Underwriting Decisions with SpatialKey

by Doug McCune on April 15, 2011

The decision to underwrite a property is a complex one, and access to location-specific information is critical. When you're thinking about adding a high-dollar policy to your portfolio, you need to be able to weigh the risks and understand how this new exposure will fit into your current book of business. All too often these risk factors are difficult to access and even harder to put into context.

SpatialKey brings these important pieces of information together quickly, intuitively, and visually. We've integrated complex risk analysis from our partner, CoreLogic, and we're proud to be able to provide risk scores for hazards such as storm surge, earthquakes, sinkholes, and damaging winds. Risk maps show you the distribution of risk for different hazards geographically, which gives you the context you need to establish whether a particular property is a high or low risk and how it impacts your accumulated risk in a particular area. In addition to this risk analysis, SpatialKey also provides easy to use tools for quickly measuring distances. You can easily find out the distance from a prospective property to the coast, or to the other properties already in your book of business.

We're currently rolling out this new tool for underwriters to some select clients. If your underwriting department needs this kind of actionable risk analysis, contact us today.

Topics: Insurance, Underwriting, risk assessment

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