SpatialKey, visual thinking, and insurance

by admin on October 22, 2010

I recently came across an interesting video about journalism in the age of data that ties directly back to why we think SpatialKey is a game-changing tool.

Did you know that half of our brain is hard wired for vision? Well what wakes the SpatialKey team up at night is that we want to create an application that leverages this crucial sense to its fullest potential. Human beings are visual thinkers, yet how come, in the business world, do we need to make so many critical decisions based on data that is presented in flat/non visual ways?

Our premise is that just because business decision makers have massive amounts of data doesn’t mean they can easily access its essential truths- truths that can reveal critical threats or opportunities that make/brake businesses. We need to see data represented in visual ways to quickly recognize patterns and understand complex events. Seeing that data visually allows us to ask better questions, get better feedback from others and ultimately get to the truths that give us the upper hand in decision making.

As a basic example: which format allows you to understand patterns better.


Or this?

The answer is simple.

Spatialkey location intelligence software transforms static/flat row-and-column data into rich maps, reports, and visually interactive analytics that instantly reveal the truths business decision makers need. But instead of having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars and months on implementation, SpatialKey is a cost effective and easy to use SaaS.

An audience that has recently discovered the business benefits of SpatialKey is the insurance industry. SpatialKey enables insurance analysts, underwriters, and brokers to finally use their wealth of geographical information to its fullest potential.

They can now bring together and visualize data about policies, claims, weather, terrain, geographical boundaries, and demographics. They can understand historical trends, current risks, and future opportunities in a more visual and interactive format. And ultimately, they are using the truths they discover to make decisions that maximize their bottom-line profitability.

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