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by admin on March 26, 2010

Tom Link, Universal Mind CTO, presented the company's "state of the business" at a recent internal meeting. And of course, as SpatialKey's General Manager, he used SpatialKey to more visually highlight sales activities and trends, as well as answer employee questions on the fly.

SpatialKey as a visual dashboard is a great example to highlight since it's commonly used by our clients- but since our clients don't really want to share their company data with the world for us to use in demos, we thought we'd use ours! Of course, we changed employee names and client revenues for this video since we don't want to reveal our secrets either.

As a background, Universal Mind, SpatialKey's parent company, is a leader in the field of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development using next generation Web 2.0 technologies. The company is comprised of employees, as well as a network of consultants, all spread throughout the US. Clients include companies as diverse as Adobe, Cisco, Behr, CVS, Ben&Jerry's, Visa, Children's Hospital Boston, Verizon and many more. Dispersed teams often don't get the big picture of how their work fits within the broader company or how they are performing compared to others. For Universal Mind, SpatialKey has helped bridge that gap.

Tom's presentation focused on sales activities and sales performance. How did we do last year? How did we grow geographically? Which clients generated the most aggregated revenue? What trends do we see for the year ahead? Are there any location trends we should capitalize on? Who were our top performing sales reps? Is there a correlation between the location of our reps and the success of our sales activities? Which consultants generated the most billable hours? Where are they located? What revenue did they generate across clients?

See the video above for a small example of the many visualizations and analysis capabilities SpatialKey offers for sales data. Notice how quickly Tom gets answers to any question he asks about the companies' sales activities. Universal Mind uses Salesforce to track and manage its sales pipeline, so the data you see highlighted comes from a direct import from Salesforce, but any CSV-type data would work just as well.

If you are interested in finding out more or need help setting up your free trial, do not hesitate to contact us.

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