SpatialKey Data Import API

by Brandon Purcell on May 21, 2009

Getting data into SpatialKey has always been simple but until now there was no way to programatically automate imports and updates of your datasets. Today we introduced the SpatialKey Data Import API (DIAPI). The DataImport API allows developers to utilize a variety of platforms and programming languages (like Java, ColdFusion, .Net, PHP, etc.) to automate the creation and management of Datasets within SpatialKey.

Here are the basic steps to get started with the DIAPI:

  1. Generate an XML file describing the dataset and a CSV containing the actual data. See Creating Data Import XML and CSV files for more details.
  2. Use the HTTP services to authenticate and upload these assets. See the Developer Guide and DIAPI Documentation for more details.

To help you get started we have provided samples in both Java and ColdFusion. Additionally we provide an example application that you can download, customize and deploy called the SpatialKey Data Poller.

Topics: data import

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