SpatialKey launched on the Intuit Partner Platform

Last week at Adobe Max in San Francisco, our team launched Customer Explorer, a version of our geovisualization system running on the Intuit Partner Platform. Existing QuickBooks customers can now visualize their customer data (or a sample dataset) in any of the current technology preview templates without leaving the Intuit Workplace. Any dates in your data will be detected, and addresses will be automatically geocoded.

The app was created as part of Intuit’s Workplace contest, and we’re proud to announce that it was chosen as the winner. This is the first non-preview release of the SpatialKey system, and we prepared a few videos to help you get started. The first shows all the steps necessary to sign up for the SpatialKey app and launch your data.

The other videos (which introduce the Data Exploration and Charting Dashboard Builder visualization templates) can be seen on our landing page for the Intuit app. For more information on SpatialKey and the Intuit Partner Platform, see these articles:

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