SpatialKey featured in ComputerWorld

SpatialKey is featured on the cover and in an article entitled “Can Web 2.0 save BI?” in the most recent issue of ComputerWorld.

The article — about the use of browser-based visualizations and analytical dashboards for business intelligence — features an interview with Chief Jon Greiner of the Ogden Police Department in Utah. Ogden is the first police department in the country to implement the enterprise version of the SpatialKey Law Enforcement Dashboard:

Today, the officers are using the new BI tools to perform geographic profiling of crimes and analysis of police data “in seconds,” he says. Before, it could take days for the department’s single crime analyst to fulfill a report request. An added bonus is that experienced police officers with extensive street experience are now able to apply their firsthand knowledge to crime analysis.

It’s great to see our crime mapping tools featured in an article aimed at the broader business intelligence and IT fields, especially as we expand the focus of our tools with the SpatialKey Technology Preview and SpatialKey Personal.

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