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On behalf of the whole SpatialKey team here at Universal Mind, I’m happy to announce a technology preview of our SpatialKey visualization system. SpatialKey includes an advanced mapping and visualization toolset, and is designed specifically for geographic data with a temporal component. Think arrest locations, or data on the spread of a social network, or sales data — any dataset that needs to be searched and analyzed for trends and patterns in order to make decisions.

This technology preview is not a formal release, and is designed to show what’s possible with Flex mapping and browser-based visualization, and to generate feedback on what we’ve done so far. For more information on this preview, please see If you’re anxious to see your own data, stay tuned for SpatialKey Personal, a soon-to-be-released version of our system that will allow you to map thousands of points of your own geotemporal data. If you’re interested in mapping larger datasets, say millions of points, or would like to speak to us about a custom visualization solution, please contact us.

This technology preview is all about examples, specifically dataset + visualization template pairings. These are meant to show off our advanced visualization and mapping tools, and to present potential use cases for this technology. Each template (there are currently four in this preview) allows you to look at a dataset in a particular way, while each remains general enough to accommodate most geotemporal datasets. Below are screenshots and links to the examples in the current preview; we’ll be posting more over the coming weeks. For more information on these examples, please see the Gallery page. To stay informed about SpatialKey, join our beta, subscribe to this blog, and/or check back often!

the radial spread of Wal-Martwal-mart store openings

where prostitutes are arrested in San AntonioSan Antonio prostitution arrests

construction slowdown in D.C.D.C. construction

Sacramento residential burglariesheat index visualization template

the spread of a geo-social network: BrightKitethe spread of the BrightKite geo-social network

Wal-Mart stores, supercenters, and distribution centersWal-Mart store openings

increasingly violent terrorist attacks on infrastructureterrorist attacks on infrastructure

Sacramento sex crime arrestsheat index visualization component

a month of crime in SacramentoSacramento crimes

housing slump in SacramentoSacramento home sales over 3000 sq. ft.

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